Do you know what you are eating ?

Indians are mostly – and very strangely so – unconcerned about the quality of the food they consume. Despite numerous and regular reports in the media about the presence of pesticides and other chemical contaminants in food and water, Indians have not been goaded into searching for and demanding food grown in a non-toxic way. We are also very isolated from the food production process – many of us do not have the faintest idea where our food comes from or how it is grown. While the latter is a matter of personal interest, we need to understand that chemical agriculture operations and the wanton commercialization of farming affect each one of us adversely, even the city dweller ensconced in a high-rise for whom life begins and ends in a city. Their effect on the environment and wildlife is also well-documented. The cruelty of modern-day animal husbandry, whether for milk, eggs or meat is horrifying and repulsive.

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